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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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"Helping Hotels Easily & Inexpensively Increase Market Share by Providing Sensory Friendly Accomodations for Persons with Autism & Related Conditions”

Sensory Star™

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The best way for any hotel to increase market share is to serve the under-served segments of the traveling population that other hoteliers have neglected or are simply not yet aware of.  There is one such untapped customer base which is surprisingly large, and includes those affected by such conditions as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger Syndrome, other sensory processing disorders, environmental sensitivities, Parkinson’s disease, neurological diversities, allergies, etc., and their families, who need appropriate accommodations when traveling.  It is further estimated that a significant percentage of newborns develop some level of sensory processing challenge early in life.


Sensory Star™ helps participating hotels increase revenue through occupancy of otherwise vacant guestrooms for the use of those with sensory processing considerations & challenges; and, helps those who need sensory friendly accommodations when traveling find the participating hotels that offer these accommodations.  We may also book reservations for guestrooms in such hotels.

This is the first and only program of its kind to standardize the requirements for Sensory Friendly Hotels & Resorts™. It is the first service to connect these under-served travelers to hotels and resorts that are responsive to their needs.


The challenge is to create an environment in each participating hotel or resort to make life easier for the sensory processing considerations of this group when staying at the hotel. This group’s specific needs must be addressed appropriately for them and their connections to frequent any participating hotel.


The Advisory Board of Sensory Star™ consisting of a trusted and dedicated panel of experts in the field of sensory processing have, in collaboration, put together the specifications for any forward thinking hotel or resort to provide the needs of this group—and to enter the Sensory Star™ program.  The Program Requirements are clear, easy, inexpensive, and straight forward to implement.

Participating hotels outfit a certain number of guestrooms with our specifications, and one room designated and furnished as a Sensory Star™ Lounge, at a minimal cost.  Once completed, the hotel is certified as a Sensory Star™ location and licensed to use the Sensory Star™ designation and logo to identify the specific property and these guestrooms. The hotel or resort will be featured on for direct access to guests.  We may also offer the option to book the rooms at this site.

Sensory Star™ program certification and logo indicate to the public that they will experience guest accommodations that meet or exceed our recognized standards for Sensory Friendly Hotels™ serving their needs. As mentioned earlier, these standards have been identified by the Advisory Board of trusted and dedicated experts in the field of sensory processing.

To provide a turn key solution, we may offer the option to perform the minor modifications through the parent company, Tehrani Group LLC. If done with other normal or PIP renovations, in most cases, our cost to you would be zero dollars.


The market is larger than most hoteliers realize. The requirements are simple and straight forward. The rewards are increased market share, revenue, and profitability.

  • The untapped customer base is surprisingly large.
  • Requirements for Sensory Star™ certification are simple, uncomplicated and inexpensive.
  • Participation rewards are higher occupancy rates and revenues.

A 150-room hotel with an occupancy rate of 60% has 60 vacant guestrooms per night on average.  By converting a minimum of seven (7) guestrooms (more is recommended), for a nominal investment of say $15,000 can expect that it will increase revenue by an estimated $1,350 per month per room or $115,000 annually when offering these guestrooms at the same ADR of $75. Converting more rooms produces higher revenues.


  • Significant revenue increase by filling otherwise vacant guestrooms
  • Making an impact serving affected persons who could use your helping hand
  • Staying ahead of competition by embracing a new niche market they neglected
  • Your hotel will be featured on our website and directory as a forward looking hotel
  • You are giving back in a manner that is most productive and returns many-fold profits
  • It's simple, easy, inexpensive with a big impact to serve these loyal & appreciative customers


As the program has not been publicized yet, the program operators will waive a substantial part of the initial fee for those hotels and resorts who contact them immediately before the program is launched.


This program will accommodate a limited number of hotels in each market area.  In order to be assured to dominate your specific market area, you are urged to contact the program operators as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the opportunity is lost for your market area.

Before you do anything else ...
You are advised to lock in your position. Even if you're not yet 100% certain that you are going to participate, you can secure your priority position with just your name and email address below, so that you would not lose out.  Don't worry that you have not read everything yet - because you'll pay no money now, and you will not be obligated to participate in the program should you decide not to participate.

When you enter your email below, you will be given a priority reservation time stamp that will guarantee your preferential priority treatment over others when the limited number of hotels in your market area(s) are allocated.

If you don't lock in your position, there is a 93% chance that you won't be able to participate in the program, even when you decide you want to participate. Lock in your position by entering your email address below.

When you press send, your entry will be time stamped for preferential handling.


For more information, visit and fill out the contact form and indicate your desired market.  This will establish a time-stamped communication record which will be used in the event other hotels also request your market area.  There is absolutely no obligation—you are just establishing your priority position.


It’s easy, inexpensive, and profitable to join Sensory Star™ and provide accommodations that fit the needs of the people with sensory processing challenges. The market is large and growing and now is the time to be among the first few to get involved by visiting  You’ll save your priority position for your market area and pre-launch fee reduction.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to hear from you soon.

P. S.

Don’t forget to contact Sensory Star™ now by visiting to preserve your priority status for the opportunity to increase your hotel’s market share the easy and inexpensive way.  You will also save a substantial part of your initial investment if you act now prior to the eminent program launch.




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